SundaHus Material Data Licenses

User License

A user license gives you full access to SundaHus Material Data as an encyclopedia.


Organization license

A company or organization which has an organization license can register an unlimited number of projects and users. All features in SundaHus Material Data are included in the organization license.

Project license

A project license provides access to SundaHus Material Data for all project participants. Property owners, architects, consultants and contractors are all given access to a project specific collection where information about material choices is registered. Based on their needs, the users are given access to register products or only to see registered products.

Licenses for suppliers

As a supplier of products registered in SundaHus Material Data you can read more about relevant license types here.

User License Project license basic Project license Organization license basic Organization license
Number of users 1 All in the project All in the project Unlimited Unlimited
Number of projects 0 1 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Powerful search
Project info
Environmental requirements
Amount and location registration
Deviating products handling
Invitation code
Product registration report
Property management function Ordered separately Ordered separately
Surveillance list
Product assortment
Chemical product list
Extended document handling
9 995 SEK/year 3 640 SEK/month Request quote Request quote Request quote
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answers to your questions in the list below please feel free to contact Pär Jansson.

What is SundaHus Material Data?

No one wishes to incorporate hazardous substances into buildings, even if it is not entirely possible to avoid. We offer a web-based system that can be used as a tool for property owners to ensure that environmentally conscious material choices are made and that work on phasing out hazardous substances is done in a systematic way.

What does SundaHus mean by "environmentally concious material choices"?

This mainly has to do with two things - i) being able to avoid hazardous substances and ii) the documentation of all product choices - good or bad from an environmental perspective.

There are many aspects that need to be considered when selecting products, such as, function, quality, price, energy and aesthetics. Because of this, it is not always possible to avoid products with hazardous substances. This makes the documentation of all product choices very important for future records. In addition, what is considered "harmless" today might be reclassified as hazardous tomorrow as research progressively brings new knowledge into this field.

By creating a sound documentation of the substances and materials, we can create an opportunity for monitoring the contents of a building over time.

Who are SundaHus customers?

SundaHus customers are primarily long-term property owners. We have customers all over Sweden, both in the public and private sectors. We see a steady increase in customers who intend to seek customized solutions and a competent partner. Customers often have high aspirations, but above all, they aim at conducting efficient and systematic work.

How can SundaHus Material Data contribute to an effective approach?

SundaHus Material Data contains unique features that enable customers to work effectively and result-oriented with environmentally conscious material choices. One example is our popular project report that is used to set up and follow up goals. The system can interact with BIM and property management systems, which further expands what opportunities SundaHus can be applied for.

What is required for a successful environmentally concious approach?

Obviously, customer engagement is a key factor. SundaHus helps with a well-developed methodology, training, consulting, customer support and many other features that allow customers to reach their goals.

Why should property owners choose SundaHus?

We care about our customers and give them full support in order to be successful with environmentally conscious material choices. With our expertise in chemistry, environmental issues and system development, we offer much more than just assessments! For example, each project is assigned a SundaHus contact person who holds courses for project participants and supports the client during the project. The high professionalism of the company in combination with a well-established methodology and a well-developed system allows us to provide customers with full support in their environmental work in construction projects.

License contact

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