Suppliers - licenses

How can you, as a supplier, get access to SundaHus Material Data?

How can you use SundaHus in your marketing?

SundaHus logo license

You may use the SundaHus logo in your marketing if you have signed a SundaHus logo license agreement with us. You can find the license agreement here.


Envirolink is a connection between a supplier’s web-based product catalog and SundaHus Material Data which shows the SundaHus assessment of the product directly on your website. Project participants using SundaHus to register products can register your products directly on your website through the EnviroLink window. You can find more information here.

Licenses for suppliers

Supplier’s Account

If you wish to order assessments of your products, as well as see your product assessments in SundaHus Material Data you have the right to have a free supplier’s account. The account gives you access to the brands related to your company and the opportunity to get automatic e-mail notifications when new assessments have been made. To order a supplier’s account please contact our Supplier's Contact Pera Oddman.

User License

A user license gives you full access to SundaHus Material Data as an encyclopedia. You will have full access to the assessment database and you have the opportunity to activate one or more of our surveillance lists. To order a user license please contact our Sale's Associate Pär Jansson.

Surveillance lists

SundaHus surveillance lists make it possible to monitor if your products meet the specific environmental requirements of various market players. For example, you can see if your products fulfill the reqirements for the Swedish system Miljöbyggnad or if substances in the product are on ECHA's Candidate Lisr or SIN-list. Contact us for more information.

Supplier's contact


Terms and conditions - Assessments of products

These terms and conditions apply for the assessment of products in SundaHus Material Data.