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SundaHus Users

SundaHus Material Data is used in both the public and private sectors by property owners to ensure environmentally conscious material choices. Our clients are often long-term owners who wish to work systematically to phase out hazardous substances and to document product choices. Consultants and contractors are also a large group of SundaHus Material Data users.

How is SundaHus Material Data used?

SundaHus Material Data is a tool used to fulfill a property owner’s environmental program, document product choices during both the building phase and management and operation of the building.


We emphasize that SundaHus does not accept or reject products. The property owner or project client decides what is acceptable based on the environmental program and taking into account other factors such as function, quality, esthetics and price. In some cases the environmental requirements are based on SundaHus assessment requirements while in other cases the system is used to place other environmental requirements. Other requirements could be certification systems such as the Swedish system Miljöbyggnad or Nordic Swan Labelling or even the property owner’s own requirements regarding product contents.

Why register products?

  • The products registered in SundaHus Material Data are exposed to thousands of consultants and contractors whose clients require to know the contents of the building products.


  • When your products are registered in our database it is easier for your customers to choose and register your products in the property’s logbook.


  • SundaHus Material Data users have access to updated information about your products directly in our system and can feel confident that SundaHus is continually up to date.


How can we help you?

In addition to assessing your products, we offer a variety of services to support you in your work.


As a supplier you receive a free supplier’s account in SundaHus Material Data. For those who want more out of the system it is possible to acquire a user license.  For more information, please contact our Sale's Associate Pär Jansson.

Surveillance Lists

Linked to our various license types SundaHus offers a variety of surveillance lists which make it possible to control if your products meet the specific environmental requirements.


SundaHus hosts both open and customized courses for suppliers. Program and current course dates can be found on our course page


Envirolink is a connection between a supplier’s web-based product catalog and SundaHus Material Data which shows the SundaHus assessment of the product directly on your website.

Meetings and contacts

If you have questions you wish to discuss with our chemists please don’t hesitate to contact our Supplier's Contact Johan Wärn.


More information about what we can offer suppliers can be found here.

Register your products in SundaHus Material Data

Order an assessment


If you don’t have any products previously registered in SundaHus Material Data then you will first need to order a free supplier’s account. For more information, please contact or +13-214090.


The supplier’s account gives you access to SundaHus Material Data and the opportunity to order assessments. Also, it allows us to more easily contact you with questions regarding your products and you will receive automatic notifications when we update a product assessment.

How to order an assessment

  • When you are logged into SundaHus Material Data click on Order in the grey menu bar.
  • Order assessment: Fill out the form to complete the assessment order. 
  • Submit documentation: If possible, we wish to connect to documentation published on your website as we have a program which can control when changes have been made in the document. Links to published documentations can be pasted into the field for other information. If you have not published documentation on your website you can email the documentation (preferably PDF) to
  • Accept the terms and conditions: When you have accepted our terms and conditions click on the blue Order assessments button.  
  • Follow the status of the assessment: You will receive a confirmation that your order has been received by a blue box which appears above the order form. You can then track the status of your order under My Ordered Assessments and you will receive an automatic e-mail when the assessment is completed and published in SundaHus Material Data.

What we need to know

For chemical products a Safety Data Sheet is always required since it gives information about the classification and labelling of the product and substances in the product. Safety Data Sheets are legally binding documents and must be supplied by the distributor, supplier or importer of chemical products.

For both chemical and other products we need a Building Product Declaration or other environmental declaration (e.g. Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) or Product Environmental Profile (PEP)) which contains a material specification for the product.

The documents should contain a sufficient description of the product content for the documentation to be considered complete. We check the product content descriptions against our internal checklist, which is divided into different product categories. 

Our building product declaration template (SundaHus declaration template for product information and environmental assessments) can be found under "Documents" down below. We also accept building declarations from other templates.

We also encourage you to also provide product information sheets, operating and maintenance instructions, emission reports and eco-labelling certification where applicable.

Assessment pricing

Standard Assessments

According to our current price list, we charge 2 500 SEK/product for product assessments. This is a standard assessment that will be completed within 15 working days after SundaHus receives sufficient documentation. Select Standard Assessment when you fill in the order form. If any information is missing we will contact the supplier for additional information.

Express Assessments

If the assessment is urgently needed, then an Express Assessment can be ordered instead. The assessment will then be completed within 3 working days and the cost is 5 000 SEK/product. Choose Express when you fill in the order form.

Fixed Prices

If you want to order a larger number of assessments, then we will gladly offer a fixed price for this. You are welcome to contact Pera Oddman for a quote.

How to see product assessments

To be able to see your products in SundaHus Material Data, you need to log in via our website. Below you can see the different accounts that can give you access to the system.

Demo account

If you do not yet have any products assessed by SundaHus but want to come in and look at how the system is built, you can order a trial account which is valid for 14 days after the first login. The account is free and gives you full access to SundaHus Material Data. To order a trial account click here.

Supplier’s Account

If you wish to order assessments of your products, as well as see your product assessments in SundaHus Material Data you have the right to have a free supplier’s account. The account gives you access to the brands related to your company and the opportunity to get automatic e-mail notifications when new assessments have been made. 

Click here to order a supplier's account.

User License

With a user license you have full access to SundaHus Material Data as an encyclopedia. Click here to order a user license.

You can find more information about licenses for suppliers here.

SundaHus Assessment

The assessments are based on different properties and are classified into five classes: A, B, C+, C- and D. Our experienced chemists document the contents of the products and assess them according to the SundaHus Assessment Criteria based on the supplier's documentation.

The SundaHus Assessment Criteria are mainly based on the rules of the European Parliament and Council Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 and the Swedish Chemicals Agency’s priority guide PRIO.

What do the letters mean?

The assessments are based on different properties and classified into five classes: A, B, C+, C- and D where A is the best and D shows that we have not been able to assess the product due to incomplete or missing documentation.


Products that

  1. give minimal health or environmental impacts associated with the PRIO properties defined in the Swedish Chemicals Inspectorate priority guide PRIO (e.g. carcinogenic, toxic to reproduction, endocrine disruptors, allergens etc.)
  2. are not classified as hazardous for health or the environment during the construction phase
  3. do not affect the indoor environment negatively through high emissions of volatile organic compounds
  4. give minimal contribution to smog formation
  5. do not emit excessive levels of formaldehyde ( according to the E1 standard)
  6. provide a minimal strain on natural resources and less to landfill mountains
  7. have a long service life (for selected product groups)
  8. are not likely to contribute to unsustainable forestry
  9. have poor transparency regarding the product contents


Products that do not qualify for A and do not match the criteria for C+ and/or C-.


Products for which workers, nearby communities and the environment risk exposure to substances of very high concern used for the manufacture of polymers.


Products that

  1. could lead to an exposure to substances with PRIO properties (e.g. carcinogenic, toxic to reproduction, endocrine disruptors, allergens)
  2. could lead to exposure to substances with other toxic properties
  3. risk affecting the indoor environment negatively through high emissions of volatile organic compounds
  4. contribute to smog formation through emissions of volatile organic compounds with high photochemical ozone creation potentials
  5. contain substances or are produced with substances that at very low emissions can have a big impact on the climate
  6. risk contributing to unsustainable forestry


Products with insufficient documentation for an assessment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a collection of frequently asked questions


How can a supplier use SundaHus in their marketing?

Suppliers of products assessed in SundaHus Material Data can use the SundaHus logo in their marketing. Learn more about how to do it here.

What preparations are needed from a product supplier before placing an order for a SundaHus assessment?

Before you place an assessment order, make sure to have all the documentation at hand as that will speed up the process and help avoid delays. Please read our terms and conditions for further information.

What is a building product declaration (BPD)?

BPD is the abbreviation for Building Product Declaration (in Swedish BVD), which is a basis for assessing the environmental impact of a product at different stages of the life cycle. There are various templates available for this. You can find our template in English, Swedish or Danish.

Can SundaHus assist in filling out a BPD?

It is inappropriate for SundaHus to help fill out a Building Product Declaration (BPD) considering the fact that SundaHus will then use this document as a basis for an environmental assessment. This could lead to bias and put the company in a conflict of interest. SundaHus may, however, provide suggestions on how and what type of information to present in the document and then refer to other companies that assist in the filling out of BPDs.

How can a product supplier help update documents to their products?

With your supplier account, you can update documents directly in SundaHus Material Data. On the supplier page, you get an overview of your brands and can reach the assessment of the brand's products. On each product page, you can either choose to update the document already connected to the assessment or suggest a new document that should be added. Note: You can only update the document this way if they are available on  the web. If the documents are not available on the web you can send the documents (preferably in PDF format) to

How can a supplier report an error in SundaHus Material Data?

In order to report errors in assessmens, you must be logged in to your supplier account. You can find the link "Rapportera fel" at the bottom of each product assessment page. SundaHus chemists will then deal with the matter and send a response on what has been done.

Couldn’t find the answer to your question?

SundaHus Chemists

We do the assessments.

Malin Dahlgren

Assessment manager +46 13 363070


Here is a collection of documents relevant for suppliers.

SundaHus Material Data - Assessment Criteria

The assessment criteria for SundaHus Material Data are described in this document.

Terms and conditions - Assessments of products

These terms and conditions apply for the assessment of products in SundaHus Material Data.

SundaHus Material Data - Symbols Explanation

This document describes the symbols used for the presentation of assessments in SundaHus Material Data.

SundaHus certificate for PVC

To demonstrate compliance with SundaHus requirements for PVC, this document should be filled in and sent together with its appendixes to Appendixes attached and signed on the supplier's own templates will also acceptable.

SundaHus declaration template for product information and environmental assessments (English)

This is a template for filling in environmental and other information on products in English. The document forms a good basis for environmental assessments.

SundaHus declaration template for product information and environmental assessments (Swedish)

This is a template for filling in environmental and other information on products in Swedish. The document forms a good basis for environmental assessments.

SundaHus certificate on residual monomer content for acrylonitrile, bisphenol A, butadiene, propylene oxide and ethylene oxide

A certificate that can be filled to show that the residual monomer contents in polymers do not exceed the following limits: > 15 ppm for acrylonitrile > 2 ppm for butadiene > 5 ppm for propylene oxide

SundaHus declaration template for corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Information on the company's CSR activities can be filled in this Document.

Certificate on product content reporting for SundaHus

With this document you can certify whether the product content has reported according to SundaHus requirements.