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SundaHus i Linköping AB (publ)

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SundaHus offers property owners security, now and in the future, through a wide range of services for environmentally conscious material choices. With a web-based system and qualified counseling, SundaHus is a comprehensive solution for systematic efforts at phasing out hazardous substances in a building's lifecycle.

SundaHus i Linköping AB (publ) was founded in 1990 as a consulting company for the improvement of indoor environmental quality. Today it's a leading player in the field of health and environmental assessments of building materials. 


Our vision is to be the leading international supplier of environmental material data and related consultant services. We endeavor to provide the most professional service in our field and strive towards a society that has substituted the use of hazardous substances.

Business Concept

Our mission, as an independent company, is to provide structured material data and consulting services for sustainable development in the construction and property sectors.

Environmental policy

SundaHus should work towards sustainable development by creating opportunities for our customers to reduce their environmental impact. SundaHus strives for continuous improvement of the environmental aspects in the construction and property sectors by:

  • providing accessible material data about products and their disposal in order to prevent the spread of hazardous substances.

  • providing convenient tools to concretize and organize environmental work in construction projects and during property management.

  • applying a life cycle approach that is continuously documented and followed up.

  • creating incentives for manufacturers and product suppliers to improve their documentation on product contents and to substitute hazardous chemicals.

  • providing our customers with advice and support that aid in reducing their environmental impact.

  • adapting our tools and services to existing legislation.

  • reducing the environmental impact of our own operations.

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SundaHus i Linköping AB (publ)
VAT number: SE556404137301 +46 13 214090 Teknikringen 10
SE-583 30 Linköping, Sweden


Jan Boström

Head of Sustainability Business Development +46 13 363073 +46 70 2099162

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Assessment manager +46 13 363070

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Sales +46 13 363072 +46 73 8427680

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HR Manager +46 79 3370727

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Product Manager Sustainability +46 13 4804952 +46 73 8021977

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Office administrator +46 76 2347145

Marcin Szymanski

CEO +46 13 363075 +46 70 2044834


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